7 The Terrible Story Behind the Famous Children’s Tale

World-famous tales from Cinderella’s story to Sleeping Beauty offer almost exactly the same story. Starting from the beautiful good-hearted girl who gets the misfortune and can finally live happily with the handsome prince for ever.

For years the children were served with stories that gave the message that goodness would always prevail against evil. That’s the message. But who can imagine that behind the story of famous tales that later mostly adapted by world-renowned animation company, Disney is storing a horrible dark story. Here are 7 horrific stories behind the famous children’s fairy tale in the world.

1. Red Riding Hood

The Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale originating from Europe, precisely France. This tale is about a girl wearing a red scarf and a wicked big wolf.

It was told that the red-hooded girl passed through the forest to buzz her ailing grandmother. Although this story has undergone many changes but the most famous is the story that made this Grimm Brothers.

Meanwhile, there is a story of the Red Veil which is considered an original story. The original story was written in 1697 by Charles Perrault. But unlike the story written by the Grimm Brothers in which the Red Veil and his grandmother are finally told safe from the wolves’ wickedness, the story of Charles Perrault’s version is quite the opposite.

Told that after the wolf managed to kill the grandmother of the Red Veil, the evil wolf then served the meat of the grandmother and his blood as a drink to be eaten by the Red Veil. Meanwhile the wolf is disguised as the grandmother. After eating the dish the wolf gave, the Red Veil was also killed by a wolf.

2. The Frog Prince

The Frog Prince is one of the famous works by Grimm Brothers. It is said that there is a beautiful and kind daughter who kissed a toad and then the frog turned into a handsome prince.

The original version of the story mentions that the princess and the frog made a covenant. But because the frog turned his promise then the princess threw the frog into the wall and turned it into a human. So there is no story of a princess kissing a frog.

Meanwhile, another more sadistic version mentions that because it has been deceived by the frog, the enraged princess then chop off the frog’s head to death.

3. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a popular tale by Hans Christian Anderson in 1837. It is told about a mermaid who has a beautiful voice. This mermaid then exchanged her beautiful voice for the sake of having a pair of legs like a human. He did this for the sake of a beloved prince, though he had to feel very painful every time his legs went.

She danced beautifully in the prince’s palace. But unfortunately the prince actually chose another woman. The mermaid was very disappointed. He then threw himself into the ocean and turned into a foam in the vast ocean.

4. Pide Piper of Hamelin

Narrated there is a village filled with rats. Villagers who feel restless and disturbed finally called someone to chase away the rats. The person is a man who wears colorful clothes with a flute in his hand. This man then began to blow the flute and finally managed to remove the mice from the village.

But there is a horrible story tucked away. According to the story, villagers are reluctant to pay the flute who has driven the rats out of the village. To reciprocate, Pide Piper then blew his flute and carried the children to the river and drowned 130 children. According to the story there is only one child who survived because of fatigue following Pide Piper on the way.

5. Cinderella

Cinderella is one of the most famous fairy tales in the world. The story itself seems to have a lot to know about a nice girl named Cinderella who lives with stepmother and two of her half-sisters named Anastasia and Drizella.

In general the story of Cinderella tells how a kind Cinderella then met a handsome prince through a dance party. In the middle of the night Cinderella went in a hurry so left one of her glass shoes. The prince then look for the owner of these shoes to remote areas of the country.

Cinderella’s short story was later discovered by the prince after his stepmother and two half-brothers tried to trick the prince. The story closes with Cinderella who then forgives her mother and stepbrother and then she lives happily together with the prince for ever.

But it turns out there is a horrible story that is believed to be the original version of this story. It is said that while trying to wear the shoes offered by the prince, Cinderella’s two half-sisters willingly cut his legs to fit the size of the shoe. Unfortunately, not only must they cut their feet, the eyes of Cinderella’s half-brothers are also caged by birds that cause them to blind and become beggars until the end of their lives.

6. Sleeping Beauty

The story of Sleeping Beauty that we often hear and read generally tells of a daughter who was cursed asleep for a long time. In the end one day a handsome man kissed her so she woke up. The princess and the man got married and lived happily ever after.

The story of Sleeping Beauty was invented by an Italian poet named Giambattista Basile and first published in 1634. It is said there was a royal princess who punctured a needle that caused her to fall asleep. But the princess had a long and long sleep that made the king worried and saddened the fate of his daughter.

One day a young man entered the palace and found the sleeping daughter in one of the rooms in the kingdom. The young man then raped the princess who finally gave birth to twins 9 months later. This son then sucked the girl’s finger that turned out a needle that caused him to be cursed asleep for a long time. That’s when the princess woke up and realized she had given birth to two twins.

7. Hensel dan Gretel

The story of Hensel and Gretel is quite popular remembered as the story of the struggle of children. It is told that Hensel and Gretel were brothers who were discarded by their parents. By using bread crumbs, they then make a trail into the forest. But unfortunately, the bread crumbs are eaten by the birds so they can not return home.

In the middle of the forest they then found a candy house. It turns out the owner of the candy house is none other than a wicked wizard. But thanks to their tenacity and ingenuity, they were able to escape from the forest and survived.

The original story of Hensel and Gretel is said to be intended for adult readers and again sheds light on the subject of cannibalism. According to the original story, the parents of these children love to torture them. They fled to the forest. But unfortunately in the forest they actually met a cannibal who eventually killed and ate their meat.


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